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The Idea Hub

The Idea Hub is a collaborative application which features Future Structures' "Hub" design. It enables users to collaborate on ideas and easily create and store related content.

The core of the Hub design is the ability to create content related to a specific form of information, in this case ideas. Users create ideas and then use an email notification system to bring other collegues back to add content to those ideas.Tasks may be assigned, contact information added, comments created,documents related to the idea, in addition to a host of other features.

This is the first in a line of Hub applications designed to provide very easy to use and robust collaboration on SharePoint.


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        Price:  $0



Software License Management

Software License Management is a robust solution that offers customers the ability to manage end-user software licenses in an organized and highly interactive environment. Licensing managers are provided with a host of features to streamline and enhance control over their organizations software licensing and distribution.

Our innovative imaging suite tools enhance productivity by enabling license managers to configure pre-built license groups, out of existing licenses, to be distributed to employees with specific business roles. License groups may be assigned or easily revoked eliminating the occurrence of paying for un-used licenses.

Our powerful activity reporting systems track license allotment and pricing by user and comprehensively. Graphical charts report which licenses require maintenance or are due to expire. Included are customizable graphical cost control displays which represent overall software costs and license allotments.

Software License Management contains a license key management system which enables users to request and assign license keys to products. Security is supported throughout the application restricting users from requesting or allocating licenses without proper permissions.

Product documentation may be attached to individual licenses, eliminating the need for separate document libraries. Communication between license requestors and managers is facilitated through automated and ad-hoc emailing capabilities contained within the product.


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        Price:  $1,250



Task Management Console

The Task Management Console add-on provides users with a central console to automate work with tasks across a SharePoint environment. It lets users see, contribute, and act on tasks from anywhere – decreasing navigation and increasing their productivity.

The TMC contains multiple views to slice and dice task information. There are personal views, management views, and detail views with features such as conditional formatting. The console contains 14 actions that automate the work of the users. In one step, users are able to act on tasks, such as reassigning tasks, moving the start and due dates out, or sending emails about tasks. Users may act on multiple tasks in one step, greatly improving productivity and consistency.

The add-on also includes the Task Portfolio Console. This version enables users to work with tasks located anywhere across a SharePoint environment – across lists, sites, site collections, and web applications. This greatly increases the productivity of the users and enables them to get their work done without having to navigate to sites, lists, and tasks. They are also able to see and work with related groups of tasks, such as all tasks assigned to them across projects, in a single display.

The Task Management Console add-on can be easily added to any site in a SharePoint environment. It is customizable using CorasWorks Builder Wizards to meet the needs of your users.


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        Price:  $700



Travel Request and Approval by R3 Business Solutions

The Travel Request Management application is a comprehensive solution that enables a department or business function to manage the process of submitting, approving, and reporting on travel requests. Managers have access to reports to help in the approval process, such as the individuals travel, departmental approved travel costs, and a calendar of approved travel. The process is supported by pre-configured email notifications to users. It provides a shared calendar to easily track approved employee travel.
The application can be used for central travel request management or it can be run in separate departments with the ability to integrate approvals and reporting. It is easily customizable using the CorasWorks Builder Wizards.


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        Price:  $3,000



Purchase Request Management v1.3 by R3 Business Solutions

The Purchase Request Management application is a comprehensive solution that enables a department or business function to manage the process of submitting and approving purchase requests. It provides the user with the ability to easily enter, review, approve, report on and archive their purchase requests. It provides managers with real time reporting of in-process and approved requests.

Use it for a single department or multiple departments in a SharePoint environment. It includes the process to request Purchase Orders from Finance. Documents can be attached throughout the process, including a final PO from Finance, and, they will all be included in the archive.


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        Price:  $2,500



Time-Off Management by R3 Business Solutions

The Time-Off Management application is a comprehensive solution that enables a department or business function to manage the process of submitting and approving time-off requests. Requests are approved and published to a shared calendar for employee tracking. It provides extensive reporting and comment tracking.

Principally, R3 Time-Off Management contains three distinct role-based work processes:
Users create new time-off requests and track the stage of their submissions.
The managers within a department/business function review newly created time-off requests and are provided with multiple actions to facilitate the approval process.
Time-Off requests are approved and moved to a Shared Calendar. Reporting using charts and an administrative calendar provide additional details and views of requests.

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        Price:  $3,000