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About Us

Our Method

Our company employs CorasWorks certified Workplace Suite technicians and SharePoint specialists. We place great emphasis on employing bright, forward-thinking individuals in the SharePoint application design field. All employees must pass our workstream logic and application design course before proceeding to application development. 


  • We are devoted to bringing new methods and attitudes to application design.
  • Leveraging CorasWorks development framework we will provide customers with applications that are "plug and play" and better able to meet customers time and integration needs.
  • We will create a user friendly atmosphere on SharePoint that will meet new users expectations and offer increasing functionality to those who are already familiar with it.


We are based out of Northern Virginia near both the Reston and Dulles technology hubs.       




"...The first apps will be available this month from CorasWorks and partners.  We are also looking for new folks that want to create a product revenue stream by building and publishing CorasWorks-based Ready For Work apps for distribution by CorasWorks. Through the CorasWorks Application Publisher Program, publisher’s apps will be available to be purchased in an online app store within the CorasWorks Community..." 

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